Live-Stream Lecture Schedule

Ableton Live Stream Lecture Schedule - 2017

Below is the current schedule for bi-weekly live streaming Ableton lessons online in the Lecture Room. Live streamed lectures are only available to registered members of and 1 on 1 students….

What is a Shadow Room?

Spacefood Shadow Room Session

The Spacefood Shadow Room allows members to digitally attend daily work sessions from the comfort of their home studios. Learning to engineer and produce music comes with many hours of…

Synthesis Essentials

A Video Explaining This Lesson Is Available To Members – WATCH IT HERE Before we can begin to synthesize sound, we need to know the answer to one crucial question: WHAT…

Free Production Demonstration

On January 25th, Long & McQuade will be kicking off our their electronic music production courses with Aaron Klingbeil (of Spacefood Audio Visual) with a FREE PRODUCTION DEMONSTRATION! From 7:30pm to 8:30pm,…