Hire Me – Film SFX & Scoring

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SFX & Foley

Aaron Klingbeil is capable of effectively producing interesting and realistic sound effects and foley for film and video games. The short clip (above) includes a scene from the film, Jurassic Park, which was sonically redone by Klingbeil. Every sound, from the thunderous chaos of the t-rex smashing through our protagonist’s joy ride, to the subtle changes in the rain’s timbre in and out of the car cabin have been carefully designed to compliment the intensity and realism of the scene.

Custom Music Composition & Scoring

Whether it is for a feature length film, tv show or video game, Aaron is passionate about creating beautifully arranged music for supporting the underlying feeling of any individual scene or level. Every project is handled with careful consideration of the client’s vision and deadlines. The player above includes a small selection of music composed specifically for application in various video game projects. The styles vary from distant and intense soundscapes (Cold Space) to Super-NES inspired (Ghost Of The Gorilla & The Big Race), as per client request.

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