Thank you for your interest in Spacefood audio! This page includes answers to commonly asked questions about Spacefood’s 1 on 1 tutoring, online tutorials, sample packs, and other services. If you don’t see the answer to the question you have, please email me and I will respond to your question within 72 hours!

Q: What is Spacefood?

A: Spacefood is a small (but steadily growing) music business with a focus on electronic music production, recording, remixing and education using Ableton Live.

Q: What is Ableton Live?

A: Ableton Live is a digital audio workspace (DAW) that can be used for professionally recording, mixing and mastering any type of audio. Ableton is known for its intuitive workflow for live performances using MIDI controllers (such as PUSH and PUSH 2). Ableton is capable of using all third party plugins including AU and VST units.

Q: Where can I take classes?

A: Classes are available online and in person!

IN PERSON – If you are located in Halifax (or within driving distance) you can register for in-person classes at Long & McQuade, Dartmouth by contacting Stephanie via telephone at; (902) 496-6966 or via email at; [email protected]

ONLINE – If you are interested in tailored, online tutorial (Via the Spacefood Learning Portal) you can email [email protected] for any course inquiry or to schedule a free, 30-minute consultation.

Q: How much does it cost to take 1 on 1 classes?

The cost of classes varies depending on your bundle choice and between online and in-person classes.




SPLIT-COST GROUP CLASSES AVAILABLE (2 or more people) – Request a Quote

IN-PERSON CLASSES –  $40/ hour – *no bundles available for in-person classes

*Above prices are in CAD and do not include taxes

Q: What course topics are available?

A: Classes are tailored to your needs and can include in-depth information about a variety or audio engineering and production topics such as:

  1. Recording techniques
  2. Mix Theory
  3. Mastering techniques
  4. The Basics of Sound
  5. Getting Started Making Music using Ableton Live
  6. Production Techniques
  7. Recording Vocals
  8. Tuning Vocals and Instruments
  9. And many more!

Q: Are there discounts for lessons?

A: YES! Students have the opportunity to save on their classes by purchasing bundles of hours or by taking classes with a group of friends! Split cost group classes can significantly reduce your per hour cost, depending on the number of friends you take the course with.

Q: What can I expect from my online tutoring from Spacefood?

A: Each class is tailored to your learning needs, which means that your learning style and goals dictate the pacing and goals of each lesson. If you are a complete beginner and seeking help with your initial set-up and theory, or a current producer looking to learn more efficient workflow techniques, your lessons with Spacefood will be the most hands-on method of answering your questions.

Each curriculum is designed to cover the fundamentals of Ableton live music production by applying techniques for composing and mastering a specific genre of your choice.

Q: When can I take my classes?

A: Your online classes can be booked at your convenience around your personal and work schedule. It is highly encouraged for students to maximize information retention by taking 2 hour classes, twice weekly.

Q: What services does Spacefood offer?

A: Including Education, Spacefood provides a variety of audio and production related services such as:

  1. Audio Recording
  2. Audio Mixing
  3. Audio Mastering
  4. Customized Music Composition (For film and video games)
  5. Performance (DJ services for events)
  6. Overdubbing & Audio Replacement
  7. Audio Restoration
  8. Location Sound Recording

Q: Where is Spacefood?

A: Spacefood is currently located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Q: What payment options are available?

A: Payments can be made by Paypal or via e-transfers to [email protected]

Still have some questions? Contact us!