A Psy-Tech Set For The Brain

Over the weekend I was honored with the opportunity to open for Elfinity’s Album release party! I am especially pumped on this collection of sounds from a handful of artists who make me frisson with emotion. The songs and artists included in this hour long mix include:

1. Morten Granau – Nisargadatta (Original Mix)
2. Krash!, Loud Control – Brainwash (Original Mix)
3. Jon Bovi – Munky Fonkey (Original Mix)
4. Krash!, Kubi – Awakenings (Original Mix)
5. Käse Kochen – Tamago
6. Ark-E-Tech, Kase Kochen – We Wombats (Like Liquid Remix)
7. Ark-E-Tech, Synthetik Structures – Dream Is Destiny (Original Mix)
8. Jon Bovi – Spoonerism (Roy Di Wilde Remix)
9. Devochka, Mandragora – Kosher Mustang (Original Mix)
10. Kind – Il etait une fois (Romulus Remix)
11. Joel:K – Test Flight (Original Mix)
12. Jon Bovi – Wad Morld (Original Mix)
13. Ann Clue – Dreamcatcher (Original Mix)
14. Luis M – Groove Zone (Ark-E-Tech Remix)
15. Morten Granau, Durs – Oblivion (Original Mix)
16. Vertigo, 4i20, Audiophonic – Upon The Corner (Original Mix)
17. Phaxe, Morten Granau – Yellow (Original Mix)