New Ableton Curriculum Launch

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I am very happy to announce the upcoming launch of Spacefood’s new online education platform for teaching electronic music production via Ableton Live! The platform allows students to collaborate online with Spacefood Ableton Instructors.

Accompanying the release of the new platform are two, 6-week courses covering the fundamentals of Ableton Live. These courses augment production tips for a genre of your choice! Currently, students can choose between learning Dubstep production or Techno production. Each of these courses incorporates essential lessons for composing in each of these genres.

The Dubstep course, for example, covers synthesis techniques for creating the iconic “wub” bass using Ableton’s “Operator” synth and a handful of native effects. Each activity is designed to reinforce important points covered during each 60-90 minute lesson.

Students are required to attend 2 online classes per week for the entire 6 week period. By the end of the course, students will have an understanding of the core functionality of Ableton Live and insight into techniques for composing their favorite genre of electronic music.

Classes begin August 10, 2017.

Various promotions are available including a 50% discount for the first 10 students enrolled! Use coupon code: FIRSTTEN to redeem your discount!

Are you a Future Forest, Future Pass holder? Great! Future-Pass holders get 20% off all classes using the coupon code: FUTUREPASS

Students also receive various other perks including FREE SAMPLES and 20% off anything from Black Octopus Sound!

This course was made possible through collaboration between Ben Rama, of Techgnosis Records and Aaron Klingbeil, of Spacefood Audio Visual.

Ben Rama is an award-winning electronic music producer from the east coast of Canada.

Since his debut in 2010, Ben has been steadily garnering a reputation as a world-class producer, remixer and live act. His unique style of hypnotic progressive is a product o

Ben Rama – Spacefood Instructor – Of Techgnosis Records

f Ben’s interest in many genres including techno, progressive trance and break beat – always delivered with the dance floor experience in mind, and with a focus on creating captivating melodic structures.


Ben is also the owner and acting manager of @Techgnosis-Records, an underground electronic music record label he founded in 2015. With over 3 dozen releases under it’s belt, and a fast-growing roster of international talent, Techgnosis has been gaining some serious traction.

He has released on acclaimed labels such as Zenon Records, Digital Structures, Bassic Records, Digital Diamonds, Blind Arc and many more. Future releases include remixes coming out on D.M.T. Records, Techgnosis Records and Insonitus Records, with original productions coming out on Recovery Collective and Horns and Hoofs.

Aaron Klingbeil- Spacfood Founder – Ableton Instructor

Formally educated in audio engineering and music production, Aaron Klingbeil holds a studio engineering diploma from Metalworks Institute in Mississauga, Ontario.

Aaron applies his knowledge technical understanding of audio engineering through electronic music production and audio recording and sound design for film and television. He also instructs in person at the Long & McQuade Lesson Centre in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Klingbeil performs and produces psychedelic music under the moniker, “Spacefood”. Anticipation is growing for a long awaited release of his upcoming psy album in early 2018.

Email [email protected] to inquire about lessons and book your free 30-minute consultation