Song Writing Prompt – Day #5

Well, now that it’s the beginning of the week, I definitely have had some difficulty finding the time to work on my track for the day. However, a lot of that trouble definitely has to do with my mindset as I was writing.  I started something, AND THEN BROKE MY RULE!!!! I decided it wasn’t good enough and then stopped writing!!! WHAT WAS I THINKING?! 😉 Oh man. So now I have to just quickly finish it up before the day is out. Wish me luck!

For your fifth Songwriting prompt for May 9th:


I know this a bit weird, But HEY this drum progression is going to be an awesome foundation for a complete song. You might be thinking: “What exactly do you mean by a drum progression, Aaron?!”. And I reply to you with this: “Spend the same amount of time that you would on a song with multiple instruments, but instead focus your energy on building a fairly detailed drum beat that changes dynamically throughout the 3.5 minutes”. 

I think that a lot of the time the drums really get left out of the focus during a new production and I think it’s about time they got some love.