Song Writing Prompt – Day #3

Day three! Great work! Do you feel that you are being met with more resistance in your compositions or less? You may be riding a bit of an energetic high from your success the last couple of days, but don’t be consumed by it! Stay focus on keeping your songwriting process aloof. Just aim to get your songs down and done. YOU CAN DO IT!

On my second day of the challenge, I found it a bit harder to stay disconnected from my music as I was creating it. I REALLY had to fight the urge to waste time looking for that “perfect” sound. Fortunately, I was able to snap myself out of it long enough to get my second song to a point where is could be considered finished(ish). Overall, I am happy with my results today and I’m looking forward to going back after the week is over to put a bit more time into finishing this one!

Your third songwriting prompt for Sunday, May 7th is:


This piano progression is from the Spacefood Trance and House sample pack (in the store). If these sounds inspire you, please use them to your heart’s content! This progression is in the Key of C-Major.

KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK! I am so proud of your progress!