Keep Hansel Handsome

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A very good friend, Handsome Hansel, has just launched his Patreon account featuring weekly tutorials and music releases as well as interviews with electronic music producers of a variety of genres and sub-genres.
I have always looked up to Hansel and am just so impressed by his lighthearted approach to electronic music production and audio engineering. Handle has my full support as an instructor and content producer.
As you may have already noticed, Hansel is very hairy. Fewer people may know about the problems that come along with having such beautiful hair all over his body, daily haircuts. Hansel as shown concern to me (and now the public) about his struggles to pay for all of his stylings which is why he has dedicated himself to producing weekly tutorials, regular music releases and occasional interviews with other electronic music producers in return for his fan’s patronage.
If you are interested in our effort to #keephanselhandsome I encourage you to pledge just a dollar per month to help support Hansel’s daily haircuts!

Go to Hansel’s Patreon: