What is a Shadow Room?

Spacefood Shadow Room Session

The Spacefood Shadow Room allows members to digitally attend daily work sessions from the comfort of their home studios.

Learning to engineer and produce music comes with many hours of practice and exposure. Traditionally students of the art spend time shadowing engineers in a studio environment where they can witness the daily norms of a productive and effective business, centred around music technology.

For most, it is difficult to find studios to learn from as they are typically too busy to take on an inexperienced hand. A career in the music industry is the apple of many aspiring engineer’s eye. This saturation makes it difficult for students to get the experience they need in the beginning.

Being exposed to mixing and mastering workflows in real-time helps to create realistic expectations of acceptable project completion timelines. If students attend the Shadow Room sessions on a daily basis, they are able to witness many projects from start to completion.

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